Founded in 1985, the Center for the Management of Information (CMI) at the University of Arizona has established itself as a world a leader in the research and development of collaboration processes and technologies.

Through its research into the art and science of collaboration, CMI is redefining the way people work and communicate. CMI develops the theory, technology, and processes that allow groups to move to new levels of efficiency and productivity while retaining a focus on the people at the heart of every organization.

Under the leadership of founder Professor Jay F. Nunamaker, Jr., CMI has been awarded over $100 million in grants to perform cutting-edge research in collaboration, information technologies, group processes, and group support.

As our environment has changed, so has CMI's breadth of research. To better meet the requirements posed by a dynamic world, CMI has expanded to become an interdisciplinary team with expertise in collaboration, human communication, health informatics, e-commerce, knowledge management, and a host of other areas.