In Press

The following publications are currently in press:

Humpherys, S., Moffitt, K., Burgoon, J.K., Felix, W. and Burns, M. (In Revision) Identification of Fraudulent Financial Statements Using Linguistic Credibility Analysis, Decision Support Systems, 1-33.
Twitchell, D., Jensen, M., Derrick, D., Burgoon, J. K., & Nunamaker, J. (2009). Negotiation outcome classification using language features, Group Decision and Negotiation, (forthcoming)
Moffitt, K. and Burns, M. (2009) What Does That Mean? Investigating Obfuscation and Readability Cues as Indicators of Deception in Fraudulent Financial Reports, AMCIS 2009 Proceedings
Abbasi, A., Chen, H., & Nunamaker, J. (2008) Stylometric Identification in Electronic Markets: Scalability and Robustness, Journal of Management Information Systems 25:1 (Summer 2008), pgs. 49-78
Derrick, D. (2009). Pilot study to classify deceptive, synchronous, computer-mediated communication using lexical features, Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.  Jan 5-8 2009, Manoa, HI.
Burgoon, J., Derrick, D., Elkins, A., Humphreys, S., Jensen, M., Diller, C., & Nunamaker, J. Potential Noncontact Tools for Rapid Credibility Assessment from Physiological and Behavioral Cues. International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology. Prague, Czech Republic.  October 13-16, 2008
Derrick, D. (2008). Autonomous agents for deception detection.  Frontiers in Information Technology and Applications.  Tucson, AZ.  Feb 29, 2008.